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With years of experience in manufacturing, we offer an EC - chek series of wall and ceiling systems for different sectors. Fedortech provides you the top quality wall and ceiling access panels as well as support services for your architectural ventures.

An access panel is a handy piece of a building that arises in numerous areas in many forms to work for several purposes. Our access doors provide simple access to mechanical, electrical and plumbing fittings behind a wall. The products are manufactured with a perfect finish and will last for a long time.

Our collection contains a variety of metal, aluminium, and stainless steel ceilings. Some of them can also be employed as a wall cladding application. Whether you want a high-quality access panel, Fedortech is a perfect choice. As the ceiling access panel suppliers in UAE, we focus on a wide range of access doors. All of them meet your expectations and requirements. The products are made with the latest tools and materials that are obtainable with numerous installation options.



  • Flush Type


These are apt for both indoor and outdoor use. The connecting door attaches the surrounding surface. Their soft-transition frame flange reduces shadows and sight lines on every surface. Within this class, your choices range from simple steel doors with enamel finishes to premium doors made of stainless or galvanized steel.

  • Recessed Type

Our recessed access panels are intended to match the surrounding material, so you can cover the panel for a more graceful look. Accessible in a great choice of different recesses and with flange and no flange options. The product will match your commercial and business needs.

  • Hinged Type

It is made for both wall and ceiling applications. The hinged panel can be employed where a locked door is required. Its style can also be sustained. They are a lightweight type and can be easily textured. The hinged panel is good for areas where there is no permission to push a door up.

  • Demountable

TThe demountable sort of access panel is useful for closed plasterboard, sandwich panel wall, as well as ceiling systems. Here, the structures need permission to access mechanical and electrical facilities. The products are available in non-fire rated with custom sizes.

  • Stainless Steel (Grade 304 / 316)

  • Mild Steel (Powder Coated / Painted)

  • Aluminium (Powder Coated)

  • Dry Wall Installation

Drywall access doors and panels are intended to deliver proficient and secure services to major areas in walls and ceilings for an extensive range of commercial, manufacturing, and residential applications. In those circumstances where such a shield is necessary, choose our products for drywall installation.

  • Concrete / Block Wall Installation

The wall access doors are used when you need concealed access for valves and other controls . Your installation procedure will depend on the type of wall access door.

  • False Ceiling Installation

It is a secondary ceiling that suspends below the main ceiling. False ceiling is applicable to modern homes and commercial structures. A hanging ceiling can conceal many errors and obstacles like pipes, wiring, etc. It is a cost-effective feature that is simple to install.




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