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Fedortech’s Fire Cabinets are designed to be fire-resistant and provide secure storage to fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and other fire fighting equipment. It can be used in a variety of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential settings. Our cabinets are manufactured in-house using the highest quality steel and workmanship to ensure that they can survive the passage of time and other external elements like corrosion that could cause severe damage to the equipment. The cabinets are available in 3 different mounting options - recessed, semi-recessed, surface mounted, and trim less. 

 They are also available in a variety of sizes, styles to match standard fire extinguisher and hose measurements, with custom sizes and shapes available upon request. 

Standard finishes are Brushed, Polished and Powder coated.
Additional options include different door styles, custom lettering, multiple colors, and other finishes.
Cabinets can be customized as per the client’s and Architect’s choice

fire cabinet uae.jpg
fire cabinet in uae.png

●    Material Options - 
○    Stainless Steel (304 & 316)
○    Aluminium
○    Galvanized Steel.

●    Mounting Options - 
○    Recessed 
○    Semi-Recessed
○    Surface Mounted
○    Trimless.

●    Latch Mechanism -
○    Turn Handle
○    Recessed handle

●    Thickness -
○    Stainless Steel - 1 to 2 mm

●    Custom Orders Accepted

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