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Fedortech manufactures a wide range of Stainless Steel Cleanroom furniture that meets the requirements of the cleanrooms.

Properly adjusted cleanroom furniture ensure an ergonomic fit that is critical in order to provide a safe and comfortable work environment. Any furniture that is introduced to a cleanroom laboratory should be made of non-shedding, nonporous material that is easy to clean. The expected lifespan of a product is very important in a cleanroom environment. It should not degrade if exposed to corrosive materials and humid environment.

Cleanroom furniture are important to ensure that tasks can be completed efficiently as per the protocols. Choosing the right cleanroom furniture is based on criteria such as space availability, authority regulations, daily tasks, materials and environmental requirements.

Fedortech is constantly developing practical and increasingly optimal solutions for its cleanroom furniture.and offer a large selection of cleanroom furniture such stools, tables, stools, shelves, cabinets, trolleys, workstations etc ,to make sure that tasks can be completed safely and effectively.

Our products are manufactured in-house using the highest quality steel and workmanship to ensure that they can survive the passage of time and other external elements like corrosion. Both 304 & 316 Stainless steel types are offered. Our cleanroom products are designed for maximum durability, safety, and good ergonomics. They are also user-friendly and easy to maintain, thereby allowing for easy cleaning and decontamination.

We offer the option of perforated stainless steel tops for our products allowing for high volume laminar flow which helps negate airborne contamination. Electropolished and brushed are the type of finishes that we offer for our products.

Product Range -


  • Stainless Steel Tables

  • Stainless Steel Sinks

  • Cleanroom Stools

  • Stainless Steel Cabinets

  • Stainless Steel Shelves

  • Stainless Steel Utility Carts

  • Sit-over Benches

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