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We manufacture a great range of manhole covers in the UAE. As the main manhole cover supplier in the UAE, we ensure maximum quality. Fedortech follows the BS standards as well as FACTA specifications. 

The manhole covers are durable and safe. We are the major manhole cover suppliers in UAE and produce covers in various sizes. The design and construction of the covers need the utmost focus.

The manhole cover types are exclusively designed for vehicular and pedestrian areas. As the manhole cover manufacturer, we care about the material that is used throughout the production and the best value for its price.  

Fedortech is the leading manhole cover supplier in Sharjah as well. We are offering world-class products that are innovative to resolve the issues faced by traditional materials. Furthermore, all our clients are satisfied with the quality and design we provide. The loading applications and the patterns add to our credibility.

We have different kinds of patterns available for production and they are widely accepted. It’s also possible to customize as per the client’s need.  This makes our manhole covers in Dubai to be light, solid and durable to achieve the needs for fixing in both pedestrian and industrial zones. We have all the skills to manufacture different models with diverse conditions to meet various industrial needs.

The following are the common types of manhole covers we deliver:

Solid Top Covers

This range of manhole covers is intended for internal and external situations where a durable solid top access cover and frame is mandatory. All category of manhole covers we arrange is made-up with high-quality raw materials. We provide customized covers at competitive prices and never upset our clients when it comes to worth and on-time delivery.

solid top manhole cover

Recessed Covers

The recessed type manhole covers are an ideal solution to hide the existence of manholes. Our covers are obtainable in almost every standard sizes with load-bearing capacities. The recessed manhole cover is designed to match the surrounding area. We manufacture the manhole covers using high-grade metal.

recessed type manhole cover

Hinged Cover

We have a wide variety of hinged manhole covers available.  The covers are non-corrosive and are perfect to use in even the hardest surroundings.  The hinged manhole covers are widely regarded across the UAE for greater features like brilliance, efficiency, and strength.

Multi manhole Covers

Multi Covers

The covers are suitable for industrial forecourts, water treatment works, etc. This has the benefit of easy access. These products can be modified as per the need of our clients. For bigger openings, multiple covers with detachable cross supports are designed to manage the added load. We guarantee high performance and stability for our products.

hinged manhole cover



Stainless Steel(Grade 304 / 316)

Stainless steel covers are available in grades 304 and 316. The benefit includes a longer life span and a great finish with low maintenance costs.

Mild Steel(Hot-Dip Galvanized / Painted)

Mild steel has benefits like cost effectiveness and strength. It will get a long life from hot-dip galvanizing. The painted mild steel will have good rust protection.

Aluminium(Mill Finish / Powder Coated)

Aluminium covers are light weight and easy to handle .  It is resistant to corrosion. It can be powder coated to different colors for better aesthetics.




Light Duty (Pedestrian Area)

The light duty manhole covers are suitable for Pedestrian and Cyclist Use. It is regularly found in pedestrian pathways, gardens, and yards.

Medium Duty (Light Vehicle Traffic)

These kinds of covers are commonly used in connecting roads, car parks, etc.  Here, the traffic will be less.

Heavy Duty Manhole Covers (Heavy Vehicle Traffic)

The heavy duty manhole covers are meant for highways, industrial areas, truck parks, etc. where the traffic is heavy.

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