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The KLEENSORT range of waste management products are an outcome of vast hands on experience in this field. The products are manufactured in compliance with BS and NFPA 80 standards. The KLEENSORT range are classified under different series as per their application.


  • SEISO series   -- Garbage/Linen/Debris Chutes

  • SEIRI series     -- Garbage Containers, Garbage Bins

Special attention is given to the products addressing the practical issues and concern as a result of our market research and interaction with the end user. The waste management products are covered under special guarantee and maintenance schemes, which will ensure trouble and hassle free operations to the end user.


  • 1st year free maintenance including parts & labour.

  • Extended warrantee upto 5 years will be given subject to entering into an Annual Maintenance Contract.

(Above is not applicable incase of debris chute, garbage bins & containers)

The Garbage/Linen Chute System is an electro mechanical waste disposal system, used and recommended by authorities in developed countries for multi-storied building, hotels, shopping malls.....

Construction waste chute are used in high rise buildings under construction to dispose waste/debris from the higher floors. 

Waste Bins are available in metal and plastic. It is rugged in construction and highly durable.

The mobile garbage bins (MGB) are available both in Galvanized Steel and Plastic. It is compatible with the municipality garbage trucks.....



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