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Hospital furnitures play an important role in health care. They help doctors and surgeons to treat or perform surgery with utmost safety of patients and also make patients feel comfortable during their stay in the hospital . 

Fedortech manufactures a wide range of Stainless Steel Hospital and Medical Furniture keeping in mind the nature of application and functions. Innovative designs , aesthetics and easy utility are the features of our products.

Some of the products we offer are hospital carts, medical cabinets, slipper trolleys, hanger trolleys, stainless steel shelves, cleaning units etc. We also accept orders for custom products based on the customer’s requirements. 

Our products are manufactured in house using highest quality steel and workmanship to ensure that they can survive the passage of time and other external elements like corrosion. Both 304 & 316 Stainless steel types are offered. Our products are designed to be user friendly and easy to maintain, thereby allowing for easy cleaning and decontamination.


Range of Products:
●    Medical Cabinets 
●    Scrub Sinks
●    Wall Mounted Cabinets
●    Different types of trays - Glove Tray, Defibrillator Tray
●    Waste Bins 
●    Stainless Steel Shelves
●    Trolleys - Hanger Trolley, Instrument Trolley, Open Trolley, Transport Trolley 
●     Table - Examination Table, Autopsy Table, Body Washing Table 
●    Beds, Bedside cabinets, Bedside screens, overbed tables
●    IV pole stands
●    Foot stool, Surgeon step stool

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