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Instrument sunshade is used to provide protection to vital instruments from elements such as sunlight, rain, dust and mechanical harm (falling objects and debris). This way, you can rest assured that the accuracy and reliability of your instruments won’t be affected by external factors. These sunshades can also help cut costs by reducing the need for cooling systems and repairs for instruments. 

Fedortech manufactures both open and closed sunshades of the highest quality at a competitive cost. 
Sunshades are available in 3 different materials - Stainless Steel (304,316), Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) & Galvanized Steel. 

Sunshades are commonly used in Oil Fields, installed over devices such as Gas, Flame, Leak Detectors etc.
Our Sun Shades can be mounted directly to the surface or can be mounted onto a 2”/3”/4” Pipe using the mounting accessories provided. Mounting accessories like U bolts and clamps are also provided for various sizes 

Instrument sunshade uae.jpg
Instrument sunshade in uae.jpg

Customized mounting brackets are also manufactured for direct mounting on devices .
In addition to the sunshades, the mounting plates and brackets for mounting of the devices/instruments are manufactured.



●    Materials Available - Stainless Steel (304,316), Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) & Galvanized Steel.  
●    Finish - 
  ○    Stainless Steel - Brush Finish, Epoxy coated
  ○    Galvanized Steel - Powder Coated.
  ○    GRP -  Custom Colours 

●    Thickness-
  ○    Stainless Steel       - 0.8mm to 3mm
  ○    Galvanized steel   - 0.8mm to 3mm
  ○    GRP                    - 3 mm to 6mm

●    Mounting - 
  ○    Surface Mounting 
  ○    Pipe Mounting
  ○    Custom-designed mounting plates and brackets are available on request.

●    Our GRP sunshades are Anti static, UV resistant and Flame retardant.
●    Customized specifications can be manufactured.


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