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Fedortech is a grating supplier and provides all the solutions you need. As one of the grating suppliers in UAE, all systems are made to fulfil the significant requirements and standards of the various surface drainage applications

Stainless Steel Grating in the UAE’s market deals a massive range of opportunities to all services providers and manufactures including industries, vendors, and businesses to improve in the market in a global standard. Supported by world-class industrial resources, Fedortech’s solutions are apt for hotels, commercial kitchens,food processing plants, fish and meat markets, retails outlets, fountain and water feature areas.

Our accessible product variety is crafted using premium quality raw material and new technologies together with the universal norms.  As steel grating suppliers, you will get our huge variety of collections in numerous sizes and dimensions as per your requirements.

Owing to our skill in this domain, we are involved in contributing a spectrum of gratings. As grates can be installed in so many areas, every supplier is coming up with modified and readymade gratings of several types of materials.

We are a consistent organization promised in this business with a qualitative choice of industrial products. Fedortech gives detailed information regarding the materials, its functions, benefits, price, etc.  Our team of experts keeps a vigil on the excellence of the products.

Following are the types of gratings we provide:

Floor Mesh

These gratings are obtainable in an extensive range of apertures with some alternative sections of bearing and transverse bar to accomplish loading needs. Floor grating suppliers provide alternative gratings that are optional for landscaping, vehicle loadings, or internal uses, etc.

Non-Slip Mesh

Presenting one of the highest slip resistances ever that is designed for a walking surface. Fedortech’s gratings can be installed in a range of applications. The slip risks of wet metal gratings can be resolved by replacing them with this Non-Slip Mesh


Plain Ladder

Ladder Grating is usually used to suit heavy traffic with high-intensity washdown. This type of product needs slight maintenance and guarantees solid footing years after fixing.


Non-Slip Ladder

The slip-resistant grating delivers supreme traction even in wet and oily surroundings. The non-slip ladder lets air, light, and wastes to pass through..

Heel Guard

Heel guard grate is apt for public areas with pedestrian access.  The narrowness of the holes in the grate permits water to flow through effortlessly whereas stopping pollution and debris from falling in.



Anti-vertigo is designed for suspended flooring, elevated walkways, and fire escape. The bars are joined into the lateral profiles which are formed to match faultlessly the shape of bearing bars.



The slotted grates and slot drain systems are utilized to give protection for the drain. The grating has transverse, longitudinal and shaped slots that permit water to move into the channel from where it is discharged.



Perforated gratings characterize an attractive design solution for deep sump drains, floor sinks, trench drains, and area drains, etc. They are ideal for transitional zones or in moderately covered areas.

Load Capacity


 It is applicable for many light-duty applications like pedestrian traffic, rolling traffic including carts, dollies, hand trucks and     electrical ground mats.


  It can be made from any grating pattern or profile and used in areas where slow-moving heavy vehicles are present.

  Heavy Duty

  Gratings are intended to service applications of heavy rolling and to allow the heavy load like forklift or truck traffic.



  Stainless Steel (Gr 304, 316)

  We are the leading stainless steel grating suppliers in the UAE. Stainless steel gratings are made from alloy types 304 and        316. It gives corrosion resistance.  

  Galvanized Steel


  The galvanized grating is used in heavily trafficked areas like parking lots, highways terminals, airports, etc. As a metal           grating supplier, we appreciate its customized options too.



  We offer a wide choice of Aluminium gratings for many applications and corrosion prevention. It is light in weight.


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