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Why you need Grease Traps?

Cooking usually results in producing so much liquid waste. The waste can create serious issues. Grease trap installation is mandatory for restaurants and cafes that use dairy products and have a three-compartment sink.

Grease Traps has various names like grease interceptors, grease recovery devices, etc. The goal is to connect with the plumbing equipment and to block grease. Grease traps in the UAE also have to be fitted if the business uses cooking oil to make their foods. The system helps to prevent grease before it enters the domestic/property’s main waste system. It is mostly dictated by local or municipal codes and using them is worthy for your sewer system. Besides the grease traps suppliers in UAE supply and install the system to make a proper drainage system.

What is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap always stops grease from going to the sewer lines in any hotel, school, hospital, etc. When kitchen wastewater moves through a grease interceptor, the oils and grease escalate to the top level inside the trap which slows down the flow of water. A grease trap gathers and decreases the number of fats, oils, and greases (FOG’s) that getting into the main sewers. This avoids drain blockages and foul odours.

Grease trap suppliers provide the traps of multiple sizes with smaller variations intended to attach individual sinks and bigger ones fitted to service larger facilities. The system is also employed in dairies, meat packing facilities, and food handling plants where grease is produced.

Grease Traps in Uae

Looking for Grease traps in UAE?

Types of Grease Trap

  • Grease Interceptor: Grease Interceptor: These units depend on the principles of heat and gravity to isolate FOG from the wastewater. These are usually made of  mild steel or stainless steel . The baffle holds the FOG and retains it inside the grease trap. Grease interceptor has to be cleaned manually.

  • Solid waste Interceptors: Food wastes are collected in the perforated detachable basket. The system separates hard food elements and water in commercial kitchen sinks. Wastewater moves from the inlet piping to the detachable perforated basket, flowing through the basket and the outlet cover screen fixed to cover, to the main body chamber.  It will leave the interceptor to the sanitary drain system

  • Oil Interceptors: Oil interceptors are intended to use in drain lines where oil and other liquid deposits may be originated in lesser quantities and the pollutants can be “intercepted”. These kinds of systems are employed in service stations, parking garages, and industrial plants where flowing water involves oil and sediment. 

The interceptors can be made from loads of materials like Stainless Steel of grade 304 / 316 and  Mild Steel. The commercial models start from 40 litres capacity and above. The system can be positioned above or below the ground, inside or outside the building.

Having an Grease interceptor eradicates any issues and maintains your drainage system. The cost-effective solution keeps your commercial kitchen drains free from overflows, impurities, and unexpected expenses.

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